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[1860] Worked as a domestic servant for Stengle family.

[1880] 108 William St., Newark, NJ (with Louis)

Married at St. Paul?s Lutheran Church, 6th Ave. at 15th St., (part of United German Evangelical Church); Bertha Mess witness 
Mess, Christiane (I90021)
[1882] residence 46 william St., Newark

Witnesses at marriage were Adolph Hoch, his brother? and Friedrich Mess, Pauline's brother.
Married by pastor from Emmanuel Ger. Me. church 
Hoch, Karl Robert (I90006)
[1918] Worked for the Thomas Edison Co.
[1942] Employee at C.A.A. Dept of Commerce, Laguardia Airport

[1910] 248 Warren St., Newark, NJ (with sister Bertha)
[1918] 311 S. 11th St., Newark, NJ (with Margaret)
[1920-30] 366 S. 11th St., Newark, NJ (with Margaret)
[1940] 129 West End Ave., Newark, Essex (with Margaret)
[1942] 129 West End Ave., Newark, NJ (with Margaret) 
Drummer, Henry (I90031)
[1942] Employed at Constructional Displays, 10 Longworth St., Newark, NJ

[1917] 11 Birks Pl., Newark NJ (with parents)
[1920] 170 Lincoln Ave., Newark (with Florence)
[1930] (no#) Long Hill Rd., Millington, NJ (with Florence)
[1940] 17 Lincoln Ave., Newark, Essex, NJ (with Florence)
[1942] 170 Lincoln Ave. Newark, Nj (with Florence) 
Lawrence, William Paulding (I90342)
[1942] Employed at Irvington Post Office

[1917] 361 Seymour Ave., Newark, NJ (with parents)
[1920] 184 Renner Ave., Newark, NJ (with Parents)
[1929] 38 Maple Ave., Harrison (at time of mother's death)
[1930] 108 Washington Ave., Irvington, NJ (boarder with Wagner family)
[1940] 273 Parker Ave., Maplewood, Essex, NJ
[1942] 273 Parker Ave., Maplewood, NJ (with Mary) 
Mess, George Washington (I89906)
[1942] Employed at Newark Sunday Call, 91 Halsey St., Newark

[1917] 17 Treacy Ave., Newark, NJ
[1920] 33 Dickerson St., Newark, NJ (with Anna and in-laws)
[1930] (no#) Mt. Pleasant Ave., East Hanover, NJ (with Anna)
[1940] 36 S. Maple Ave., Springfield, Union;
[1942] 36 S. Maple Ave., Springfield, NJ (with Margaret)
[????] Last SS address Ottawa Hills, OH 
Hoch, Adolph Edward (I90010)
[1942] Employed Morris Ave. Motor Car Co., Springfield, NJ

[1910] Between 420 & 421 (no#) Clinton Pl., Newark, NJ
[1917] Sterling, NJ (with Wilhelmina)
[1920] (no #) Valley Rd., Passaic, NJ (with Wilhelmina)
[1922-30] 36 S. Maple Ave., Springfield, NJ (with Wilhelmina and then Abagail)
[1940] 1030 Adams Ave., Union, Union (with Abagail)
[1942] 1030 Adams Ave., Union, NJ (with daughter, Evelyn) 
Hoffman, Edward (I90167)
[1942] Employee at Beach Arlington Fish Market

[1900] Prospect Ave, Newark, NJ (with parents)
[1910] 499 Hunterdon Ave., Newark, NJ (with Barbara)
[1918] 84 Aldine, Newark, NJ (with Barbara)
[1920] (no#) Pocahontas Ave., Hillside, NJ (with Barbara)
[1930-42] Lacey Rd., Forked River (Lacey Township), NJ (with Barbara) 
Hoffman, Harry John (I90165)
[1942] 212 Marshall St., Elizabeth, NJ 
Jones, Hugh Henry (I90059)
[1942] Employed at Keystone Adv. Co., NYC 
Verrier, William (I90227)
[1942] Employed at Worthington Pump & Machinery, Harrison, NJ
1942 WWII Draft Reg. Card lists nearest relative as Florence Tooker, 28 Cleremont

[1917] 470 Chancellor Ave., Newark, NJ (single)
[1930-42] 22 Cleremont Ave., Irvington, NJ (with Grace) 
Hoffman, Frank (I90171)
[1942] Employee at WPA, 1060 Broad St., Newark

[1900] 167 1/2 Newton St., Newark, NJ (with Sister, Bertha)
[1910] 248 Warren St., Newark, NJ (with sister Bertha)
[1918-20] 70 S. 6th St., Newark, NJ (with Ida)
[1930] 518 15th Ave, Newark, NJ (with Ida)
[1930] 539 S. 18th St., Newark, NJ (with Ida) Listed in census twice.
[1940] 486 18th Ave., Newark, Essex, NJ (with Ida)
[1942] 486 18th St., Newark, NJ (with Ida) 
Drummer, George Elmer (I90029)
[1972] lived at 79 Summit Ave. Gillete NJ 
Reitzel, Jack Conrad (I89643)
1910 Census says that she is the mother of 2 kids, 0 living. 
Harzold, Barbara E. (I90194)
15 Mindst én nulevende eller privat person er knyttet til denne note - Detaljer er udeladt. Gianoukas (Adopted Out), Kristen Joy (I90653)
Bitter is 1st husband's name (William); 1st married 1911; Children: Henry b. 1912, William & Joseph b. 1914. 
Messmer, Elsie E. (I91078)
Buried with Elizabeth Wallstein Mess. Just assuming this is a child of Benjamin J. Mess 
Mess, Robert (I90912)
Catholic Priest 
Mess, Paul Francis (I89914)
Charles remarried to Emma C.; Son Milford/Charles 
Kern, Charles H. (I90955)
Daughter of Pauline Mess' third husband, Thomas Hankins and Elizabeth Bedow 
Hankins, Ann Elizabeth (I90011)
21 Mindst én nulevende eller privat person er knyttet til denne note - Detaljer er udeladt. Steitz, Susan Louise (I89642)
Descendent of John Stowe, son of Capt. Stephen Stowe and Freelove Baldwin Stowe, served in the Revolutionary Army as follows -- 08/25/1777 (3 months as private), 06/10/1778 (3 months as private), 04/05/1779 (9 months as private), 06/14/1780 (2 months as private), 03/01/1781 (2 months as Corporal, 10 months as Sergeant), he was present at the Surrender of Burgoyne, made application for pension 08/08/1832 and his claim was accepted; Application approved: 12/12/1941) 
Stowe, Florence Isabel (I90345)
Died after hopping on a trolley car and getting his leg caught on a wheel. His mom had sent him to the store to buy a ribbon for brother George's christening dress. Had his leg amputated and died of shock a few hours later. 
Mess, Friedrich (I89902)
Employed at Drakes Bakery, Wayne, NJ 
Hoffman, Jean Ann (I90372)
Fell into a hole at a construction site when 3 years old and was brain damaged. 
Ulrich, Van Larry (I90144)

Entry in IGI lists birthplace as Darmstadt, Starkenburg, Hessen.
Darmstadt is in state of Hesse, south of Frankfurt. Until 1918 the area was known as Hesse-Darmstadt. City was destroyed in a 1944 British bombing which killed 11,000 people. It is now known as the 'City of Sciences.' In German, Darmstadt means 'City of the Intestine.'

[1854-55] 10 Grand, Newark, NJ (with Elenora)
[1859-60] 374 Broad (rear), Newark, NJ (worked at 5 William)
[1870] 2nd Ward, Newark, NJ (with Elenora)
[1880-86] 110 William St., Newark, NJ (with Elenora)
[After 1886] Not listed in Newark City Directory or in Census.

Had a tailor shop on William St? per Richard Schenk 
Mess, Georg Conrad (I89892)

Previously married, children: Nellie (b. 11/1882), Annie (b. 10/1884; married Robert Hoch), Catharine (b. 5/1886), Elizabeth (b. 1889), Ruth (b. 6/1890), Alice (b. 5/1893), Christine (b. 10/1895). 
Hankins, Thomas (I90005)
Immigrated 1866/1871.
Parents were Ziras Wallstein and Elizabeth Guenther, both born in Germany.

[1884] 127 West, Newark, NJ (at time of marriage)
[1906-12] 126 West, Newark, NJ (wid George)
[1914-39] 174 W. Kinney, Newark, NJ (wid George)
[1939] 174 W. Kinney, Newark (at time of death) 
Wallstein, Elizabeth E. (I90314)
IN 1882, NA

[1888] Lyons Farms
[1900-06] Prospect Ave., Clinton Township, NJ (Lyons Farms)
[1912-22] 354 Chancellor Ave., Newark NJ
[1927] 342 Chancellor Ave., Newark NJ
[1930-38] (no#) S. Springfield Ave, Westfield, NJ (with Pauline)

2nd German M.E. church, Bergen St. by Carl Stocker,
in presence of Herman Wahlers and Mrs. Elsa Wahlers, also of Lyons Farms 
Wahlers, Johann Hinrich (I89787)
In the military from 06/29/1950 to 09/15/1953 
Dias, Donald Joseph (I90472)
In the military, 09/24/1951 to 06/24/1953; CPL US ARMY; KOREA 
Dias, James Raymond (I90471)
32 Mindst én nulevende eller privat person er knyttet til denne note - Detaljer er udeladt. Hoffman, Robert (I90374)
Listed in the 1930 census, but not 1940. 
Mess, John J. (I96507)
Lived in Old Bridge, NJ 
Drummer, Alice (I90090)
Married at Grace Church, Newark

[1880] 47 Market St., Newark (with parents)
[1892] 146 West St., Newark, NJ (at time of marriage)
[1900] 146 West St., Newark, NJ (with Jacob Stoll, mother and Clara)
[1904] 146 West St., Newark (Driver) (with George W. Mess)
[1906] 86 Wilsey St. Newark (Driver)
[1910] 54 South Orange Ave., Newark
[1912] 292 South Orange Ave., Newark (Clerk)
[1915] Ft. Thomas, Kentucky (at time of death, with B-In-Law John Hoppen) 
Mess, Conrad Arthur (I90040)
Married at the 1st Cristian Congregational Church, Irvington, NJ.

[1906-30] 56 Rosehill Pl., Irvington, NJ (with parents)
[1930-46] Irvington, NJ (with Alimore)
[1940] 54 Welland Ave., Irvington, Essex (with Alimore)
[1946-91] 42 Evergreen Ave., Neptune City, NJ 
Forster, Alice Christina (I90458)
Mother was Eva; b. 1863 NJ; 1930 widowed, living with Valentine, last name Vroom. 
Gebhardt, Valentine (I90147)
Mother was Sarah E. ? 
Cottrell, Ellsworth Jefferson (I90048)
Name possibly a nickname for Magdelina. Name listed as Lina on marriage certificate.

[1882] 118 William St., Newark, NJ (at time of marriage)
[1900] 120 Wright St, Newark, NJ (with William)
[1904-20] 11 Birks Pl., Newark, NJ (with William)
[1922-36] 362 Burnett Ave., Union, NJ (with William)

Witnesses at marriage were George and Pauline Mess, siblings of Lena. 
Mess, Lena (I90025)
never married

[1930-31] Irvington 
Mess, George (I89912)
Never married 
Hoffman, Margaret B. (I90176)
Never Married 
Mess, George Peter (I89942)
Never Married 
Mess, Mary Patricia (I89962)
Never married (but listed as widowed in 1910 census)

[1880-86] 110 William St., Newark, NJ (with parents)
[1904-20] 11 Birks Pl., Newark, NJ (with sister Lena Mess Lawrence)
[1925] 354 Chancellor Ave., Newark, NJ 
Mess, Henry (I90024)
Never Married.

Private First Class Mess was a member of Company A, 1st Battalion, 5th Marines, 1st Marine Division. He was seriously wounded while fighting the enemy in Korea and died of those wounds on February 2, 1953. Private First Class Mess was awarded the Purple Heart, the Combat Action Ribbon, the Korean Service Medal, the United Nations Service Medal, the National Defense Service Medal and the Korean War Service Medal. 
Mess, Philip James (I89948)
Never married.

[1900] 126 West St., Newark, NJ (with parents)
[1910-12] 126 West St., Newark, NJ (Wagon Driver - with mother)
[1914-40 174 W. Kinney, Newark, NJ (Driver - with mother; with sister Esther in 1942) 
Mess, Henry William (I90315)
Never married.

[1900] 126 West St., Newark, NJ (with parents)
[1910-12] 126 West, Newark, NJ (Porter at furniture house 1910, Collector 1912 - with mother)
[1914-43] 174 W. Kinney, Newark, NJ (Collector 1914, Clerk 1915, Laborer 1931 - with mother) 
Mess, John George (I90316)
Never married.

[1930-31] 174 W. Kinney St., Newark (with mother)
[1939-40] 174 W. Kinney St., Newark (with brothers 
Mess, Esther Johanna (I90317)
Never Married.

[1942] 72 Quitman St., Newark, NJ 
Mess, Francis James (I89907)
Never married. Nickname Hendrik.

[1915-20] 354 Chancellor Ave., Newark, NJ (with parents)
[1927] 342 Chancellor Ave., Newark (at time of death) 
Wahlers, Henry James (Hendrik) (I89792)

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