Alfonso VI (the Brave) King of Castile and León

Alfonso VI (the Brave) King of Castile and León[1, 2, 3, 4, 5]

Mand ca. 1039 - 1109  (~ 70 år)

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  • Navn Alfonso VI (the Brave) King of Castile and León 
    Født ca. 1039  España (Spain)  
    Køn Mand 
    Død 30 jun. 1109  Toledo, Castile-La Mancha, España (Spain)  
    Begravet Sahagun Monastery, España (Spain)  
    • As the middle of three sons of King Ferdinand I of León and Sancha of León, Alfonso was allotted León when the kingdom was divided following his father's death, while Castile was given to his elder brother Sancho, Galicia to younger brother García, and sisters Urraca and Elvira given the cities of Zamora and Toro respectively. Each of the brothers was also assigned a sphere of influence among the Taifa states. Alfonso appears to have taken the first step in violating this division, in 1068 invading the Galician client Taifa of Badajoz and extorting tribute. In response, Sancho attacked and defeated Alfonso at Llantada but three years later in 1071 they joined forces against García. Sancho over-marched Alfonso's León to conquer García's northern lands, while Alfonso himself is found issuing charters in the southern part of the Galician realm. García fled to taifa Seville, and the remaining brothers then turned on each other. This conflict culminated in the Battle of Golpejera in early January, 1072.
      Sancho proved victorious and Alfonso himself was forced to flee to his client Taifa of Toledo. Later that year as Sancho was mopping up the last of the resistance, besieging his sister Urraca at Zamora in October, he was assassinated, opening the way for Alfonso to return to claim Sancho's crown. García, induced to return from exile, was imprisoned by Alfonso for life, leaving Alfonso in uncontested control of the reunited territories of their father. In recognition of this and his role as the preeminent Christian monarch on the peninsula, in 1077 Alfonso proclaimed himself "Emperor of all Spain". [6]
    Person-ID I17362  Skeel-Holbek | ane til Elsebet Bruun, ane til H. M. Dr. Margrethe II., ane til Hans Santasilia Holbek
    Sidst ændret 7 nov. 2013 

    Far Fernando I (the Great) King of Castile,   f. 1016-1018, España (Spain) ,   d. 27 dec. 1065, León, France  (Alder 47 år) 
    Mor Infanta Sancha of León,   f. 1013, España (Spain) ,   d. 7 nov. 1067, España (Spain)  (Alder 54 år) 
    Gift 1032 
    Familie-ID F25622  Gruppeskema  |  Familietavle

    Familie 1 Constance de Bourgogne,   f. ca. 1046, Frankrig, France ,   d. 2 sep. 1093-25 okt. 1093, España (Spain)  (Alder ~ 47 år) 
    Gift 8 maj 1081 
    +1. Urraca de Castilla, Queen of Castile and León ,   f. 1080 -1082, España (Spain) ,   d. 1126, Saldaña, España (Spain)  (Alder 44 år)
    Sidst ændret 16 apr. 2012 
    Familie-ID F7502  Gruppeskema  |  Familietavle

    Familie 2 Jimena Munoz,   f. Skønnet 1060, España (Spain) ,   d. 1128, España (Spain)  (Alder ~ 68 år) 
    +1. Teresa of Castile and León, Countess of Portugal,   f. ca. 1080, España (Spain) ,   d. 1 dec. 1130, España (Spain)  (Alder ~ 50 år)
    +2. Elvira of Castile and León,   f. før 1082, España (Spain) ,   d.
    Sidst ændret 16 apr. 2012 
    Familie-ID F12037  Gruppeskema  |  Familietavle

    Familie 3 Zaida (Isabel, Elisabeth) of Seville,   f. Skønnet 1065,   d. eft. 1100, España (Spain)  (Alder ~ 36 år) 
    +1. Elvira of Castile,   f. Skønnet 1097, España (Spain) ,   d. 1135, Palermo, Sicily, Italia  (Alder ~ 38 år)
    Sidst ændret 4 apr. 2014 
    Familie-ID F30503  Gruppeskema  |  Familietavle

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  • Royale
    Alfonso VI (the Brave) King of Castile and León
    Alfonso VI (the Brave) King of Castile and León
    King of Castile 1072-1109 and León 1065-1109.

  • Kilder 
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