George King, 3. Earl of Kingston

George King, 3. Earl of Kingston[1, 2, 3]

Mand 1771 - 1839  (68 år)

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  • Navn George King 
    Født 8 apr. 1771  Chelsea, Middlesex, England  
    Køn Mand 
    Død 18 okt. 1839  Paddington, London, England  
    • Held the office of M.P. for County Roscommon between 1797 and 1799. Was styled as Viscount Kingsborough between 1797 and 1799. Succeeded to the title of 3rd Viscount Kingston of Kingsborough, co. Sligo, 3rd Earl of Kingston, 7th Baronet King, of Boyle Abbey, co. Roscommon and 3rd Baron Kingston of Rockingham, co. Roscommon on 17 April 1799. Held the office of Representative Peer [Ireland] between 1807 and 1839, a pro-Catholic Tory. Was created 1st Baron Kingston of Mitchelstown, co. Cork [U.K.] on 17 July 1821.
    • His first three children were born out of wedlock. The story, here taken from The Kings of King House by Anthony Lawrence King-Harman runs as follows (pp. 30-31):
      'The Hon. George King, later known as Big George, was born in 1770. He did not inherit Mitchelstown until he was 53 years old. The years of frustration as the eldest son waiting for his inheritance with little or nothing to do may account for his disastrous tenure.

      George went to Eton. His leaving portrait by Romney hangs there today. George seems to have paid only half the account, just over £13, leaving his friend the Astronomer Royal to pay the balance. George was the godson of George III so that for much of his life he was welcome at the court and a friend of George IV both as Prince Regent and later when he came to the throne.

      George's first escapade comes to us through Claire Clairmont, half sister of Mary Shelley, who was told it many years later by George's sister Margaret Mount Cashell.

      George was walking in St. Stephen's Green Dublin with a Miss Johnstone. It was moonlight and the following conversation took place:

      "What a fine night to run away with another man's wife," said Big George.
      "And why not another man's daughter?" said Miss Johnstone.
      "Will you?" said he.
      "Yes," said she.
      "Done," said Big George taking her hand.
      "Done," said Miss Johnstone, giving him hers.

      That very night, without further courtship, they ran away and settled in the West Indies (there were a considerable number of plantations in the West Indies owned by Ascendancy families) where they had three children. George must have been about 20 years old. He was later persuaded to return to Ireland and to marry Lady Helena Moore, sister of Lord Mount Cashell.'

      Note 1: Inconsistency in George's year of birth. The book, From the Danes to Dairygold: A history of Mitchelstown, by Bill Power, also mentions the above story, giving the year of George's return from the West Indies as 1794.

      Note 2: Some sources suggest that Amelia Caroline King was in fact the child of Robert King, George's father. County Families - Walford 1868 say George, but Norfolk Archaeology says Robert. These coals were raked over when the will of Rev. Sir Edward Repps Jodrell (Amelia's son) was contested (Jodrell vs. Seale, 1888). Here it came out that the father of the three children was George and that the mother was Caroline Amelia Morison - not "Miss Johnstone" as recalled by Lady Mount Cashell. Further evidence comes from The Thanage of Fermartyn by Rev. William Temple (Wyllie & son, 1894), where on page 157, there is mention of one Amelia Morison who "married (it is believed privately) Hon. George King, afterwards Earl of Kingston ; had issue a son and two daughters. The son entered the Royal Navy, and was at one time aide-de-camp to the King. One daughter married an English baronet ; the other an English barrister, afterwards a judge at Westminster." Although she had a sister called Caroline, the fact that she is listed as Amelia lends further confusion. Unfortunately Temple gives no dates, other than that her father, Sir William Morison, was born around 1740. However, Sir William was a barrister who worked in Quebec and "Granada" (Grenada) before becoming Chief Justice of the Bahamas, so this does at least explain the connection with the West Indies.
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    Far Robert King, 2. Earl of Kingston,   f. 1754,   d. 17 apr. 1799, Mitcheltown, England  (Alder 45 år) 
    Mor Caroline FitzGerald,   d. 13 jan. 1823, Roehampton, Surrey, England  
    Gift 5 dec. 1769 
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    Familie 1 Caroline Amelia Morison 
    Gift før 1792 
    +1. Mary Margaret Morison King,   f. 1792, Barbados ,   d. 7 maj 1855, Sydney Place, Cork, Ireland  (Alder 63 år)
    Sidst ændret 2 jul. 2008 
    Familie-ID F10909  Gruppeskema  |  Familietavle

    Familie 2 Helena Moore,   f. 20 maj 1773 ,   d. 9 dec. 1847  (Alder 74 år) 
    Gift 7 maj 1794 
    Sidst ændret 29 dec. 2012 
    Familie-ID F10904  Gruppeskema  |  Familietavle

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    mere infoFødt - 8 apr. 1771 - Chelsea, Middlesex, England  Link
    mere infoDød - 18 okt. 1839 - Paddington, London, England  Link
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    George King
    George King

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