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Johannes Dressel[1, 2, 3]

Mand 1698 - 1747  (49 år)

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  • Navn Johannes Dressel 
    Slægtskabmed Finn Josef Skeel Holbek
    Født 25 jun. 1698 
    Køn Mand 
    Død 1 nov. 1747 
    Søskende 10 søskende 
    • Fra

      "Our Dressel clan has been traced to its earliest representative so far, Gerg [Georg] Dressel, a butcher in Groß Zimmern, who may have been the son of a Gerg Dressel Senior. There were two of the same name living in Groß Zimmern. The elder died in 1693. The younger, born around 1660, was married to Anna Magdalena, surname possibly Störger, with whom he had at least six children. From Gerg Dressel descend generations of highly-skilled (and perhaps in today's terms) "gourmet-level" butchers.

      One of Gerg's and Anna Magdalena's sons was Johannes Dressel, born on June 25, 1698, who married Anna Catharina Dietrich in 1737, daughter of Johann David Dietrich and Anna Catharina Störger (a variant spelling of this surname is Störcher). They had six children, the last being Heinrich Philipp, whose baptism was held at home on the day of his birth, November 3, 1747, to accommodate Johannes Dressel's failing health. Johannes died later that day.

      In 1782 Heinrich Philipp Dressel married seventeen-year-old Catharina Elisabetha Künzel, and their oldest son Johann Philipp, born later that year, continued in the family trade, attaining the rank of "master-butcher" in Darmstadt. His grandchildren would recall that he managed one of the most highly-respected abattoirs in the city."

    Person-ID I86522  Skeel-Schaffalitzky | ane til Bertha Dressel
    Sidst ændret 1 mar. 2018 

    Far Georg Dressel,   f. 1660,   d. 1736  (Alder 76 år) 
    Mor Anna Magdalena Störger,   f. 1667,   d. 26 apr. 1741  (Alder 74 år) 
    Familie-ID F39363  Gruppeskema  |  Familietavle

    Familie Anna Catharina Dietrich,   f. 14 jan. 1718, Spachbrücken, Hessen, Deutschland ,   d. 7 feb. 1762, Gross Zimmern, Hessen, Deutschland  (Alder 44 år) 
    Other partners:  Johannes Schroder (1748) 
    Gift 21 maj 1737  Gross Zimmern, Hessen, Deutschland   [4
     1. Elisabetha Catharina Dressel,   f. 29 jul. 1738,   d. 31 jan. 1811  (Alder 72 år)
     2. Eva Dressel,   f. 21 feb. 1740,   d. 7 mar. 1740  (Alder 0 år)
     3. Anna Magdalena Dressel,   f. 12 feb. 1741,   d. 30 sep. 1742  (Alder 1 år)
     4. Johannes Dressel,   f. 18 sep. 1744,   d. 23 apr. 1746  (Alder 1 år)
     5. Peter Dressel,   f. 29 aug. 1746,   d. 9 sep. 1746  (Alder 0 år)
    +6. Henrich Philipp Dressel,   f. 2 nov. 1747, Gross Zimmern, Hessen, Deutschland ,   d. 13 jul. 1816, Darmstadt, Hessen, Deutschland  (Alder 68 år)
    Sidst ændret 26 feb. 2018 
    Familie-ID F39362  Gruppeskema  |  Familietavle

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