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John Lackland Plantagenet, King of England

John Lackland Plantagenet, King of England[1, 2]

Mand 1166 - 1216  (49 år)

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  • Navn John Lackland Plantagenet 
    • John I Lackland Plantagenêt
    Slægtskabmed Finn Josef Skeel Holbek
    Født 24 dec. 1166  Beaumont Palace, Oxford, England  
    Køn Mand 
    Død 12 okt. 1216  Newark Castle, Newark, Nottinghamshire, England  
    Søskende 4 søskende 
    • reigned as King of England from 6 April 1199, until his death. He succeeded to the throne as the younger brother of King Richard I (known in later times as "Richard the Lionheart"). John acquired the nicknames of "Lackland" (French: Sans Terre) for his lack of an inheritance as the youngest son and for his loss of territory to France, and of "Soft-sword" for his alleged military ineptitude. He was a Plantagenet or Angevin king.

      As a historical figure, John is best known for acquiescing to the nobility and signing Magna Carta, a document that limited his power and that is popularly regarded as an early first step in the evolution of modern democracy. He has often appeared in historical fiction, particularly as an enemy of Robin Hood. [3]
    • king of Ireland (1177-1216), king of England (1199-1216), duc de Normandie (1199-1204), duc d'Aquitaine (1199-1216), comte de Poitiers, d'Anjou og de Tours (1199-1216), comte du Maine (1200-1205)
    Person-ID I13820  Skeel-Schaffalitzky | ane til Elsebet Bruun, ane til H. M. Dr. Margrethe II., ane til Hans Santasilia Holbek
    Sidst ændret 23 aug. 2018 

    Far Henry II Courtemanche Plantagenet, King of England,   f. 25 mar. 1133, Le Mans, Maine, France ,   d. 6 jul. 1189, Chinon, France  (Alder 56 år) 
    Mor Eleanor of Aquitaine, Duchesse d'Aquitaine,   f. 1124, Chateau Belin, Gironde, France ,   d. 31 mar. 1204, Fontevraud (Fontevrault), Anjou, France  (Alder 80 år) 
    Gift 18 maj 1152 
    Familie-ID F2919  Gruppeskema  |  Familie Tavle

    Familie Isabella d'Angoulême,   f. 1186, Angoulême, France ,   d. 31 maj 1246, Fontevraud (Fontevrault), Anjou, France  (Alder 60 år) 
    Andre ægtefæller Hugues X (le Brun) de Lusignan, Comte de La Marche (1217) 
    Gift 24 aug. 1200  Bordeaux, France  
    +1. Henry III Plantagenet, King of England,   f. 1 okt. 1207, Winchester Castle, Hampshire, England ,   d. 16 nov. 1272, Westminster Palace, London, England  (Alder 65 år)
    +2. Isabella Plantagenet,   f. 1214, England ,   d. 1 dec. 1241, Foggia, Apulia, Italia  (Alder 27 år)
    +3. Eleanor Plantagenet,   f. 1215, England ,   d. 13 apr. 1275 , Montargis, France  (Alder 60 år)
    Sidst ændret 11 sep. 2008 15:53:02 
    Familie-ID F6273  Gruppeskema  |  Familie Tavle

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    mere infoFødt - 24 dec. 1166 - Beaumont Palace, Oxford, England  Link
    mere infoGift - 24 aug. 1200 - Bordeaux, France  Link
    mere infoDød - 12 okt. 1216 - Newark Castle, Newark, Nottinghamshire, England  Link
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  • Coat of arms - Våbenskjold
    Plantagenet - våbenskjold (coat of arms)
    Plantagenet - våbenskjold (coat of arms)

    John 'Lackland' King of England
    John "Lackland" King of England
    John King of England
    John King of England

  • Kilder 
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