Skeel-Schaffalitzky, Santasilia

St. Elisabeth of Hungary

St. Elisabeth of Hungary[1, 2, 3]

Kvinde 1207 - 1231  (24 år)

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  • Navn St. Elisabeth of Hungary 
    Født 1207  Hungary (Ungarn)  
    Køn Kvinde 
    Død 19 nov. 1231  Bratislava (Pressburg), Slovakiet  
    1. Béla IV King of Hungary,   f. 1206,   d. 3 maj 1270
    • St. Elisabeth of Hungary (German: St. Elisabeth von Thüringen, Hungarian: Árpád-házi Szent Erzsébet, 7 July 1207 - 17 November 1231) spent most of her short life in Germany. She was born in Sárospatak (according to tradition), Kingdom of Hungary, on 7 July 1207. She was the daughter of King Andrew II of Hungary (1175-1235) and Gertrude of Andechs-Merania, and at age 4 was brought to the court of the Rulers of Thuringia in Central Germany, to become a future bride in order to reinforce political alliances between the families. Elisabeth was married at the age of 14, widowed at 20, relinquished her wealth to the poor, built hospitals, and became a symbol of Christian charity in Germany and elsewhere after her death at the age of 24.
    Person-ID I708  Skeel-Schaffalitzky | ane til H. M. Dr. Margrethe II., ane til Elsebet Bruun
    Sidst ændret 16 aug. 2012 

    Far Andras II King of Hungary,   f. 1175,   d. 21 sep. 1235  (Age 60 år) 
    Mor Gertrud von Meran,   f. Skønnet 1175, Hungary (Ungarn) ,   d. 28 sep. 1213, Hungary (Ungarn)  (Age ~ 38 år) 
    Gift før 1203 
    Familie-ID F625  Gruppeskema  |  Familie Tavle

    Familie Ludwig IV (der Heilige) Landgraf von Thüringen,   f. 28 okt. 1200,   d. 11 sep. 1227  (Age 26 år) 
    Gift 1221 
    +1. Sophia von Thüringen,   f. 20 mar. 1224,   d. 29 maj 1275  (Age 51 år)
    Familie-ID F622  Gruppeskema  |  Familie Tavle

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    mere infoFødt - 1207 - Hungary (Ungarn) Link
    mere infoDød - 19 nov. 1231 - Bratislava (Pressburg), Slovakiet Link
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  • Royale
    St. Elisabeth of Hungary
    St. Elisabeth of Hungary
    tekst på statuen af den hellige Elisabeth.
    St. Elisabeth of Hungary - den hellige Elisabeth
    St. Elisabeth of Hungary - den hellige Elisabeth
    statue af den hellige Elisabeth

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